I’m retiring from sims 3, looking foward to sims 4!

The platforms are my last creation for s3, and maybe they will be released someday…
I’m just a little bit tired about sims limitations. The ultra small uv map, the almost impossible morphs, blurry textures, etc. It’s too hard to put it all together and I just got sick of it. I love creating, 3D modelling and texturing are the things I enjoy most but sims limitates me. I love this game, it’s been part of my life for 14 years and I never ever would leave this community but I will leave sims 3 creation for now. I will return with new stuff for sims 4 8D.
I hope SL helps me to improve my skills too! Oh btw, I took down the shirt for now cause I noticed it needs some fixing, but I will solve it today, hopefully.
Anyway I will be here if you need help or ask something. I appreciate all my followers and friends that don’t want me to leave, but I’ll be around always :) you’re all the best! Thanks cause being a creator was like a dream I had haha. I always saw that incredible people making and sharing awesome stuff and I wanted to be like that. And it wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t for all the people who likes and downloads my stuff, so everything it’s thanks to you! Almost two years since I started. It’s been hard but I had a lot of fun, I love you all!

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Anónimo said: will you be making that shirt for ts3? it's gorgeous

I’m done with ts3 creation, so I don’t think I will :(. Sorry!

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solventsims replied to your post: My first creation for SL yaay! o…

Very nice. I generally don’t buy one off colours of mesh items though. I would look into doing HUD’s. If I did do one off colours I would buy the Lilac though for sure.

Thanks <3. Yess, I have to consider learning about HUDs, cause I have no idea how that works haha. Lilac is my fav too, I’m wearing it now! 8D

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Anónimo said: Hi, are you going to put for download those platform sandals? They're faaab :D

Idk nonnie :(. I really lost my interest on sims, and the shoes need some fixing till. I’m really into SL now, but if I can I will make a last effort to release them.

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supersensualistic-sims said: hey :) What's the name of your SL store?

Hey :0. This is my store but still doesn’t have anything on it, lol. I’m working on something atm.

Anónimo said: what height slider do you use?

I think this is the slider I use: click me

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Anónimo said: Could you maybe give me a specific link to get to a spot where your sims or bases for downloads would be?

I don’t download my sims and I just use a sim from the CAS bin, it’s a blond chubby girl with a green sweater, I always use her as a base :0

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My First necklace Mesh conversion *w*

Alice by @alice-sweetsorrow


Anónimo said: Hey I'm really sorry that Argentina came out second but hey it's still second place and that's awesome :)

Thanks nonnie! Yas, 2nd place is not bad at all! Of course is a bit dissapointing not winning the cup, the players look so upset lol XD but they should know their country is really proud of them and celebrating anyway.

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And my last post about the world cup XD Congrats to Germany!

Two really equal teams, that was tense as fuck!!! Anyone could win, both were amazing. This time wasn’t our turn (but damn we were so close!!)
I’m totally proud of our sellection.
Now enjoy and celebrate your victory 8D. See you in 2018! I can return to my normal self, that is not much interested in football XD lol