Started playing at 11pm and I feel like I’ve done nothing in the game. I have so much to explore =D

Looks so pretty i just wanna reblog and feel like i am playing xxx

Kids are freaking adorable
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Sims 4 today holy crap ;_;

So much feelings, can’t wait to install it!

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So I decided to open sims 3 again cause I wanted to build some houses!

But the problem is every time I zoom out the house it freezes or it crashes. Anybody had that issue? I don’t know how can I fix it :(

It’s not my pc, it meets all the requirements

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New sim: Lilly. ♥

Anónimo said: I thought you said you won't buy sims 4 or am I wrong? LOL

Yes! I said it, I was and I am still really angry with all the features they took off this game, like everyone is. But I change my mind about not getting it, even if it’s disappointing (I know EAxis screwed so much this game) I will try it myself and decide if I like it or not. I really liked the cas demo, that changed my mind a little. And build mode looks great, to me is the most important as the things I enjoy the most are building houses and making pretty sims.

But anyway I won’t buy it lol, it will be a gift from my bf who wanted me to try it so it’s fine by me!

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Anónimo said: why are you moving to s4? sims 3 is much better!

Ugh…I’m a simmer, not a sims 3 fangirl, sorry. I played all sims since I was 5/6 years old till today and I won’t get stuck in one game. I just move as this franchise moves, and definetly will give s4 a chance. 

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no puedo estar ni en tumblr tranquila que tengo que ver tu cara (?)


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