9/30 Update
Check out my new TS4 creation!
New section added for TS4 Downloads
Be ready for more :D

TS4 Eyebrows Set N1

I’m so glad to be into sims creation again :D. This time a little thing till I figure out how to put meshes and make them work and blabla.

Enjoy! (ノ・◡・)ノ♥

  • 19 recolors. They all appear in the same thumbnail.
  • Non-default. These won’t replace any other eyebrows you have in your game.

Download .package

Feel free to tag ‘ikarisims’ if you use it so I can reblog it!

Woo I made my first cc for sims 4 (the eyebrows) :D

still not 100% sure about this but it’s a good start lol

they look green on the thumbbbbb

simminginthesea: Hey there! I was wondering where did you get the hair from in your last pic? Please and thankyou Xo

Hey :)! You can get the hair here.

I think I’m in love with all the new cc ♥

I love you so much creators

I’m so lost with sims 4 creation, I feel like a newbie again! lol

Oh someone gives me patience


So, dorktasticsoul asked me about some tips for making ts4’s cc.
Just because I suck at tutorials, i tried to find some on the internet. Here’s a list of tutorials/tips/sites where you can find the bases for making cc. It’s not much but if you start from zero, this can help you.

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Anónimo: I love your sims 3 downloads, they're sooo cute. i use them in my berry sims family and in my normal families. I have one question: are you going to stop making content voor sims 3 now the sims 4 is out ?

Thanks nonnie! I’m glad you like them :D. Now that I’m on Second Life I don’t know if I will be creating for sims (3 or 4) anymore. I’m considering about converting the stuff I make for SL to sims if I have time, but still not sure about that.

Anónimo: Creo que me encantan tus ediciones. Estoy enamorada, espero que sigas creando contenido tan bueno. *^*

Gracias ♥♥


The sims 4 starter beauty kit :)
Hope you guys will like it :3




WIP. Sorry about the bad camera angles thanks to build mode! I have noticed throughout my building adventures, that walls and roofs are somehow linked, and at times can make adding windows frustrating >.<

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